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Transport monitoring

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Terrestrial and rail load and aerial cargo

Our tracking and security system for flotillas save companies thousands, even hundreds of thousands pesos per year with the Safety Logistics Solutions Program (SLS).

The mobile units system Skyangel will allow you to know the exact location of your vehicle from the Web, anywhere and anytime by using a device with Internet access. The system has national levelcartography, as well as for United States, Canada, Central and South America and Europe, and detailed streets for towns of more than 2500 inhabitants.

You will be able to know if your vehicle is started or shut down and immobilize it in case of theft. You will also have an easy access to reports about the events generated by your vehicle such as: locations, speeding, when it is started or shut down, panic buttons among other possibilities. Also, you will receive a notice via e-mail every time a specific event is generated.

Only in 2013, 93,242 units were monitored for DHL.



  1. Information about the last registered location
  2. Current location request
  3. Detailed map of streets and zooming
  4. Speeding
  5. Display of points of interest on the map
  6. Display of all the units per group on map
  7. Engine status (off-on)
  8. Panic buttonso
  9. “See map” button on reports
  10. Usage of horn, lights and others
  11. Checkpoints
  12. Alarms notifications via e-mail or SMS



  1. Registered locations
  2. Engine status (off-on)
  3. Speeding
  4. Panic button alarms
  5. Geo-fence alarms
  6. Alarm notifications via e-mail or SMS
  7. Proximity search
  8. Coordinate search
  9. Street search
  10. Display on map of what the report generates (“see map” button on reports)
  11. Activation and deactivation of components (lights, horn, doors among others)


Skyangel devices have the following settings:

  1. GPS auto-generated report about your location
  2. Panic button activation and/or deactivation
  3. Engine shutdown - start
  4. Turning lights off and on
  5. Turning horn off and on
  6. Activation and deactivation of other components (electric door locks, trunk)
  7. Account manager, visibility to customers
  8. Checkpoints, points of interest, geo-fences
  9. Alarm notifications via e-mail or SMS

Additional benefitss


  1. Ultrasensitive GPS receiver with 50 channels
  2. Panic button
  3. Help button
  4. High-performance processor
  5. Compact size
  6. Records storage of all the events registered on the mobile phone, in order to avoid losing data when there is low or no signal
  7. Settings for the smart use of the data transmission on the GSM network, in order to reduce fees, storing packets to be sent at programmable time intervals
  8. Remote Firmware upgrades via GPRS
  9. Programming flexibility to adapt to the different needs using GPRS, SMS


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