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Remotely fuel monitoring


Fuel volume and consumption remote monitoring

Fuel volume and consumption remote monitoring in vehicles.

Our fuel sensor is an electronic device that, if connected to AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), allows us to remotely obtain information about fuel volume, whether the vehicle is in motion or parked.

Furthermore, you can completely keep track of fuel consumption, with the option of identifying the place, date and hour of the variations in volume, whether it is tank filling or fluid extraction.

FFC Certification

One of the main elements affecting the good performance of a fleet of vehicles is efficient use of fuel. Several statistics show that misusing fuel can represent up to 6% of losses in a company’s annual benefits.

Factors such as speeding, poor maintenance of the engine, leaving the engine running while the vehicle is parked, and even active fuel theft, represent unnecessary losses for a company.

Our easy-to-install device enables identification of these variables and so offers the possibility of controlling fuel consumption.


  1. Non-invasive installation (without the need for additional drilling) in order to monitor the fuel in the main tank
  2. Ability to individually measure volume in two tanks on the same unit
  3. Measuring percentage of liters or gallons
  4. Calibration by pouring depending on tank shape
  5. Helps to identify potential fuel thefts


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